Imagine Yourself Living at Hawk Ridge


"This is the memory we all share – the golden picture postcard of a place called home. This is where we all grew up. In the warm smolder of reminiscence, our minds choose this destination, drawn here by the sweet liquid light, the endless run of carefree days, and childhood's innocent illusion that the sky stretches to infinity and the horizon lays distant enough to accomodate even the most impossible dreams."


Hawk Ridge is not an impossible dream, it is a very real and attainable dream. It's owner's have lived this dream - have created, loved and cared for this property for over a decade. Hawk Ridge was not created as a real estate investment but rather as a home for its owners.

There will come a time when Hawk Ridge will be on the market for the right owner – an owner who would love this land as the current owners have and an owner who is not afraid to accomodate a dream. If you are one who has appreciated what you've seen in this presentation and have a strong and serious feeling about owning this property, you may email us at - - to discuss your interest.

We hope you've enjoyed your tour of Hawk Ridge.


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